Wakol MS 260 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic

Application method trowel notch size according to TKB B3, B5, B11, B13 or B15 (parquet), A2 (cork), WAKOL Speciality Trowel 5, WAKOL Speciality Trowel Blade 5
Consumption approx. 700-1500 g/m² parquet approx. 400-450 g/m² cork approx. 1700-1800 g/m² with WAKOL Speciality Trowel 5 or WAKOL Speciality Trowel Blade 5
Airing time none
Open time approx. 40 minutes
Storage information store in a cool and dry place; not sensitive to frost
Base MS-Polymer


“Area of application
Firm-elastic 1-component MS parquet adhesive for laying mosaic, on-edge lamella (min. 16 mm in width, max. 200 mm in length), strip, 10 mm solid wood lam parquet, multi-layer parquet, solid planks (up to max. 18 cm in width, type of wood oak up to max. 20 cm in width), wood block RE/WE as well as flatlying cork flooring and cork flooring with HDF/MDF middle layer and cork stabilizing layer on absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors indoors. WAKOL MS 260 corresponds to DIN EN ISO 17178.”