Wakol D 3035 Dispersion Primer

Application method WAKOL Primer Roller, velour or foam roller
Consumption 100-150 g/m²
Drying time on cement screeds and concrete following visible drying; on cast asphalt, tiles, terrazzo and water resistant adhesive residues at least 60 minutes, on calcium sulphate concrete, magnesite screed, wood plank, gypsum fibre boards 2-4 hours
Storage not below +5°C, sensitive to frost
Base acrylate dispersion


“Area of application
Ready-to-use dispersion-based primer for priming cement-, calcium sulphate, cast asphalt concrete, magnesite screed (with exclusively mineral-based additives), concrete, tiles, terrazzo, water resistant adhesive residues, wood planks and gypsum fibre boards before subsequent levelling indoors.”