Delft Blue


Moooi Carpets is a company that creates carpets to meet your exact needs, no matter the specification, scale or size. The ability to combine technical knowledge and experience with design allows Moooi Carpets to deliver breathtaking floor coverings.



The company also uses a revolutionary printing concept that is focused on producing carpets for leisure, office markets and hospitality. 1.The Heaven’s Gate by Marcel Wanders makes you look down when you walk over it, given it looks like a door as the name suggests. Who knows, it might open up all of a sudden! The black door is highly detailed and will complement every interior with this design carpet. 2.The Fool’s Gate is inspired by Marcel’s signature Delft Blue, this carpet is a remake of an Moooi’s original MW carpet for moooi. The original art design was hand-painted on a ceramic plate. 3.The Jewel’s Garden is a design with a lot of colour, which as the name suggests looks like a jewel filled garden. The gems are spread across the carpet, combined with flowers to finish off this design completely.