Bitumen Shingle Roof

Shingle roofing is suitable for a wide range of roofs with a complex form.
Bitumen shingles are suitable for roofs with an inclination of 1:5 or steeper. The shingles will be to their best advantage on roofs with a complex form. Shingles are equally well suited for new construction and renovation.

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Below are a few arguments in favour of choosing a bitumen roof. Bitumen roofs, also known as felt roofs, have several benefits:
• durable – rubber bitumen roofs installed in the 1970s are still in use
• quiet – you cannot hear the rain indoors
• elastic – suitable for roofs with a complex form
• thanks to the rough surface, snow stays on the roof and does not fall on passers-by
• the appearance of the roofing lasts as the years pass: the surface does not rust, become loose or fade
• there are plenty of options – there is a technically and aesthetically suitable option available for any roof
• there are products available up to a pitch ratio of 1:20 that do-it-yourself builders can install on their own (easy to work with a blade hook utility knife)