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Structure Outdoor Flooring Deck
Type of wood Hardwood from Indonesia / Malaysia
Surface Relief with channels
Dimensions 20 x 120 x 1000-2300 mm
Color Natural wood in reddish
Mounting With screws


  • Bangkirai wood contains natural essential oils with which the tree protects itself from pests.
  • Resistant to atmospheric conditions, damage from deformation, rust, rot and fungi.
  • Bangkirai originally from Indonesia and Malaysia is one of the most popular timber for decking floors.
  • Bangkirai Decking is used in various forms, both for outdoor and indoor environments.
  • Installation requires frames / framing for irrigation and drainage.
  • Surfaces help prevent water / moisture from slipping.
  • Its color may change with ink only to darker than reddish.
  • Outdoor flooring, Bangkirai Decking, is the best choice for creating outdoor terraces and verandas.
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