Investment in Machinery – Improvement in Technology Faithful to its investment policy, Veko Group invests in the new line of cutting-edge woodworking machinery technology.“Wood Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Machine”. Acquisitions and upgrades in machinery are increasing every year, which make up a large percentage of the investment in companies that bring greater production capacity and higher […]


Creation of VekoPanel. The group’s certified production expands on creating solid wooden panels of high quality establishing this way the position of VEKO Group in the local end wider market in the field of timber trade.


Establishment of D-Concept, today named VEKO Concept The creation of the Veko Concept company, introduces a different view on the design and furnishing of indoor and outdoor spaces. Multi-dimensional experience and sophisticated concept for decoration and design constitute the primary assets of Veko Concept. In a unique exhibition of 1500 m2, it hosts the largest […]


VekoPelets is founded. By introducing a modern wood waste recycling line, it produces and disposes of biofuels – pellets of superior quality – in the domestic and wider market.


Expands the activity by investing in the market of laminates and parquets Specializing in flooring, VEKO FLOOR becomes a pioneer establishing groundbreaking standards for domestic market, and representing the largest European companies in the field while it is presented through a unique 550m2 modern exhibition.

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