Rustic Beech


The elegance of engineering flooring is always contemporary

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Brands:: Befag
Structure Engineering parquet
Classification Rustic 3 strip
Dimensions 14 x 192 x 2200 mm
Surface Varnished
Mounting Click


Engineering flooring allows you to create a floor/environment friendly environment that will stay with you for many years to come. The large variety of different styles and colors gives you the choice to express your personality. In lighted rooms you can use darker colors of flooring, while in rooms with less light you can make a choice of lighter colors. The light colors of the flooring usually make a room look bigger, while the floorings in the darker color make it look smaller.

In addition to a perfect visual appearance and its composition, engineering flooring gives the environment an added value. Engineering flooring in appearance and durability is indistinguishable from traditional wood floors, perfectly reflecting the special characteristics of the type of wood selected, the warmth and natural beauty of the wood.