Oak Princeton


The beauty of natural wood will never go out of fashion.

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Brands:: Befag
Structure Engineering parquet
Classification 1 strip
Dimensions 14 x 192 x 2200 mm
Surface Varnished, white
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Strip flooring enables you to create a friendly floor finish that will stay with you for many years to come. The sheer variety of different styles and colours lends an excellent opportunity to express your personality. In lighter rooms you can use darker colours while rooms with less light can be cheered up by a choice of lighter colours. Light colours generally make a room look larger, while darker ones make it appear smaller.
Reflected light is another important factor to consider. Light reflected from a strong red or green wall colour can lend a reddish-brown hue to a peachy brown wood floor and vice versa: reddish-brown wood flooring can make a white wall look warmer in colour.
Alongside a bespoke visual appearance, the state of the art composition of the engineered board allows for enhanced durability. With a core of compressed timbers and a solid wood veneer to match, engineered boards are indistinguishable from traditional solid wood floors, with even more stability and strength!