Wooden floors, with the best quality that we offer, last for decades.

Structure Solid Wood Parquet
Dimensions 15 x 90x 600-900mm 22 X 120 X600-1200mm
Surface Natural
Installation Tounge and Groove


Solid wood flooring is more hygienic and easier to clean than other types of flooring.

The scent of a polished wood floor is a pleasure in itself and will make your home more attractive.


Wood parquet provides an easy way to install under floor heating, which these days is considered to be the most effective way to make  your home warmer.


If after a few years your wooden floor is scratched or slightly damaged, due to heavy wear, a refinishing will take it to a new one.

This is much less costly than renovating another new floor.


The value of your home increases directly as a result of installing a wooden floor, as not only is this a great investment, but it affects the health of your family, your time, the aesthetics and the value of your house.