Contemporary Exterior Proposals for your outdoor area!


It’s time to prepare your garden and patio for summer! Designing and furnishing your outdoor area allows to gain an extra room to enjoy at best in the warm season.

Dining tables, armchairs, coffee tables and chaise longue are available at our showroom, where comfort is combined with innovation design and precious aesthetic

10DEKA Furniture- Distinct style, sophisticated look.

The minimal design, the durability and versatility of aluminium, in combination with other materials such as textylene fabric, lead to products of high aesthetic look with low maintenance cost and friendly to the environment.

Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Bars, pools and beaches are the places where 10DEKA products feel at home.

Upon the presence of 10DEKA products, any place can be transformed to a pleasant and relaxing corner.

B&B Italia Outdoor – Distinctive high-end modern outdoor furniture

Always focusing on design, innovation and creativity.

Made with high-performance, quality materials that combine function and aesthetic,s B&B Italia Outdoor sofas, armchairs, chaise longue, chairs, tables, coffee tables, benches, complements etc, expresses

B&B Italia’s vision of outdoor living, maintaining the same focus on design, comfort, all guaranteed by the absolute quality.

In 2007, Canasta saw the light with a line of unusual, innovative seats that marked B&B Italia’s entry into the outdoor world, paving the way for an entire sector.

B&B Italia collection with updated finishes to create a complete range of outdoor furnishings that can adapt to different contexts – from homes to public spaces, gardens and yacht decks.