In collaboration with Epipleon Magazine and ProHolz Austria – the Austrian platform for promoting wood – they successfully organized a workshop on ‘Building with wood’, on September 29, at the Sheraton Hotel in Tirana. The seminar was attended by about 100 renowned Albanian architects, as well as people involved in the field of wood. Invited speakers at the seminar were renowned experts and scientists in Europe who referred to their research and experience in the field of wood. The keynote address of the seminar was dedicated to modern wood products and technologies for the construction and practical implementation of an interactive catalog of wood constructions. There was also an excellent talk on the connection of wooden roofs for family homes, by Claudio Pichler. Egna’s technical expert, as well as an interesting talk by Herles Faccinion wooden structures in Albania. The closing remarks were by Alexander Williams on contemporary architecture in Europe and Dr. Eleutheria Tsanika on the restoration of wooden structures, using modern technology.The seminar had a huge impact on the market and the local community and was widely promoted by the media. VEKO with its philosophy of adopting modern methods of wood use and processing is proud to organize and sponsor this event and will always be a torch of similar ideas and initiatives.