Perfectly-designed children’s rooms

Colourful wall coverings and friendly flooring calls for play!


Playing barefoot on the floor is so much nicer! Whether it’s on a play mat or simply on the bare boards themselves, in an ideal world all materials that come into contact with your child’s skin would be ecologically sound and free from harmful substances. EGGER Comfort Flooring is not only completely natural and free from PVC and plasticisers, but it’s also loft, warm and quiet thanks to its integrated cork layer. It’s the perfect flooring for children’s rooms and available in a variety of friendly and welcoming décors that invite play. When it comes to wall coverings in children’s rooms, it also makes sense to seek out emission-free products that are free from harmful ingredients and toxins.


When it comes to choosing furniture, it pays to think ahead: more and more manufacturers are now offering furniture that “grows with your child”. So in the craft corner, treat your children to a height-adjustable table and chairs which you can alter as they progress from nursery to primary school. There are many spacious cupboards on offer, all boasting extensive storage space for toys that would otherwise be left lying around on the floor or in various rooms, where they can easily pick up dust and dirt. The perfect organisational aid for children and parents! Thinking long-term, the furniture colours should be somewhat reserved. Having bright colours or garish patterns on furniture can quickly create a sense of chaos and disorder, distracting children from the games they are playing or from falling asleep.

Enhance your children’s play with child-friendly accessories.


Children are curious and inquisitive. These are traits that should be encouraged as much as possible, especially when it comes to toy selection. Toys and textiles made with natural, water-based colours and dyes that are certified emission-free are perfect; let’s face it, more often than not any bright and colourful object inevitably ends up in your child’s mouth! But don’t forget the element of comfort and relaxation: beanbags, tents and dens offer a secret space for your child to let their imagination run free, to escape into their own fairytale world. Conjure up a safe space for your children and don’t forget to pay attention to the floor, after all, if it’s comfy, warm and quiet they are much more likely to spend several hours on it! Choose the right laminate flooring for your children’s room.


The best way to promote your children’s creativity is to provide them with a light-filled space. Well-lit painting areas, play tables and desks encourage longer bouts of activity: fill them with children’s lighting and lamps that don’t emit heat. To avoid potential danger, cable channels can be built in – not only preventing the irritation of tangled cables, but also avoiding falls and injury. In children’s rooms, where they sleep as well as play, it’s important that there are also blackout blinds or curtains to ensure the room is completely dark when it comes to bedtime, as this is how children will achieve their most restorative sleep. Try to choose curtains, wall coverings and flooring that are more reserved and complementary to one another and that promote and encourage peace and quiet!

Light your children’s rooms with child-friendly lamps and lighting.


In an ideal world, your child’s bed is in a separate part of their room, away from the “play area”. If their toys, crayons and books are out of sight then they are much more likely to fall asleep quickly and easily. Dimmed lighting is perfect for bedtime stories, setting the mood for calmness and sleep. Cushions and blankets add a comforting feeling of drowsiness and cosiness. Storage systems like baskets and decorated boxes are a simple and easy way to quickly tidy away any toys that have been played with just before it’s time to go to bed and fall asleep.

A lovingly-designed sleep zone without distraction helps your child look forward to bedtime!

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