A distinctive corporate identity with over 25 years of technological know-how and artisan culture.
Indeed, it is the story of a company that started from a size and a craft mentality in the second half of the nineties, through the foresight of the choices made by the property, Brothers Koca, it is deeply transformed, growing up to become one of the largest industrial groups in the difficult market of woodworking industry and the interior and exterior design. Characterized by the high quality standard, elegant and sophisticated taste, environmentally friendly, has made Veko the first choice of every customer. Veko takes care of choosing and brings in Albania the most prestigious European brands while maintaining the balance QUALITY / PRICE.



The love for wood and the art of processing this unique piece of material forced the three Kotsia brothers to start their family business - a wood workshop that would become the starting point of the VEKO group.


An important milestone in the company's progress while extending its activity in various fields such as the import and processing of wood mainly from Scandinavia, the trade of industrial wood products and furniture accessories.


VEKO invests in the production line by employing modern woodworking machines and expands its storage to 8,500 m2.


The company continues its investment activity in the field of semi-finished furniture DIY wood products, while at the same time it enriches the raw materials range with imports from Asia, America and Africa.


A very important year for the company as its rapid growth creates the need for expansion into new premises; VEKO invests in new proprietary facilities in Tirana, where it houses offices, showrooms and storage on an area of 14,000 m2.


Being environmentally conscious, the company invests in the creation of an integrated recycling line for the waste from wood processing.


The company enriches its portfolio by representing leading companies of its field and expands its activity in the floor trade sector, while at the same time it increases its storage space with an extra 7.000 m2.


Flooreco now named VEKO FLOOR, a member of VEKO GROUP, is founded.

Specializing in flooring, VEKO FLOOR becomes a pioneer establishing groundbreaking standards for domestic market, and representing the largest European companies in the field while it is presented through a unique 550m2 modern exhibition.


VekoPelets is founded.

By introducing a modern wood waste recycling line, it produces and disposes of biofuels - pellets of superior quality - in the domestic and wider market.


Establishment of D-Concept, today named VEKO Concept

The creation of the Veko Concept company, introduces a different view on the design and furnishing of indoor and outdoor spaces. In a unique exhibition of 1500 m2, it hosts the largest houses in the design area, transmuting its philosophy into a new aesthetic design proposal.


Creation of VekoPanel.

The group’s certified production expands on creating solid wooden panels of high quality establishing this way the position of VEKO Group in the local end wider market in the field of timber trade.


Investment in Machinery - Improvement in Technology

Faithful to its investment policy, Veko Group invests in the new line of cutting-edge woodworking machinery technology.“Wood Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Machine”. Acquisitions and upgrades in machinery are increasing every year, which make up a large percentage of the investment in companies that bring greater production capacity and higher standards.


Superior quality, advanced technology, professionalism, respect for the consumer and the environment, constitute our moral code and inspire the vision of the company as a leader and point of reference today and in the future.

Our target is:

  • Production of high quality products
  • Continuous investment in modern technology
  • Expansion of the sales and distribution network
  • Investment in training and specialization of staff
  • Efficiency and productivity increase
  • Export growth
  • Respect for the customer
  • Environmental conscious
  • Contribution to social development

By applying modern management methods, we aim to achieve three strategic objectives:

  • Establishment of the company as leader in the domestic market
  • Provision of high-tech products of superior quality
  • Development and maintenance of market relationships, while remaining true to our values: quality, originality and respect for the consumer

Our Departments:

  • Production Department
  • Design Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Sales Department
  • Export Department
  • Finance Department
  • Import & Logistics Department
  • Human Resources Department

An inextricable part of the VEKO group and its success is its approximately 100 employees, many of whom date their recruitment back to the company’s founding.
Recognizing and respecting their contribution, the company continually invests in their education and specialization, so as to better address the challenges and increasing demands of the consumers and the market.
Care and respect for employees, equal opportunities for all, maintenance of a pleasant, efficient and, above all, human working environment are fundamental characteristics of the company and pose its utter priority.


Good cooperation with many businesses, architects, clients and professionals, combining fairness, quality, market research and investment in the most advanced technology, have brought about the successful realization of many important projects. In more than 25 years Veko is present at home, offices, hotels, bars, restaurants, gyms, commercial centers, etc.

Each project is unique and is viewed and thought in every detail.


Find us in Vrisera, Gjirokastra, the central company. With our affiliate in Tirana and through our distributors all over Albania.
Always provide the optimal solution for you, while maintaining the balance quality-price.

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